To those paying attention, our world is quickly changing. Exciting times most certainly lie ahead. Because of this, many of us have decided the time is right to acquire the proper tools for self defense - specifically, firearms. With any firearm comes responsibility to the owner, not only in regard to proper storage and safety, but in decision-making and liability in their use. We also have a responsibility to ourselves and our families to be proficient and effective with those arms when called into defensive use.


It was with this knowledge in mind that we formed Fortress Defense Consultants!

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The Fortress Staff draws on real world experience in a variety of fields (Police, Fire, EMS, Military, Executive Protection, Education, Finance, Medical, and more!) to provide you with a well-rounded and complete training experience.


Individual or group, beginner or experienced shooter—Hands, Pepper Spray, Blade, Pistol, Shotgun, or Rifle (from .17 to .50BMG)—we’re ready to help you improve your skills in the defensive Arts!

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